Skincare Tips for Your 30’s

08 Апрель 2014

After you’ve taken care of your skin in your 20’s, your 30’s become more important. Fine lines and subtle wrinkles start to pop up during this decade, so your skincare routine should become more intensive. Here are a few tips to help you improve your skin in your 30’s.

  • Dark circles from less sleep and stressful days can make your eyes appear older and sickly looking, and who wants that? For dark circles, choose products with vitamin C, soy, kojic acid, which will brighten up the area. For puffiness around your eyes, look for products that contain caffeine. Apply an eye cream nightly for best results.
  • Dullness in your skin may become a problem in your 30’s, so it’s important to continually use sunscreen to prevent this from getting worse. Look for products that contain peptides, whichs help to brighten skin, restore your skin’s elasticity and can reduce fine lines.
  • If you notice brown spots or skin discoloration, begin a more drastic exfoliating routine.
  • Add Shinso Essence product to your skincare regimen to help even the tone and texture of your skin. Always apply at AM and PM.
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