• Еда для кожи лица

    28 Апрель 2014

    Мы уверены, что вы уже читали о продуктах, которые нужно есть для улучшения состояния кожи. А как насчет продуктов, которые можно нанести прямо на кожу? Их можно наносить непосредственно на чистую кожу или смешивать несколько продуктов и делать собственную маску для лица. Вот несколько продуктов, которые можно наносить на лицо для улучшения кожи.

    • Мёд. В сочетании с такими ингредиентами, как молоко, мед может быть отличным увлажняющим и смягчающим средством. Мед – это натуральное средство, позволяющее удерживать влагу в коже. Он помогает свести к минимуму проявление морщин и визуально омолодить кожу. Мед также обладает антибактериальными свойствами и может помочь контролировать высыпания. 
    • Авокадо. Сделайте запрос в Google и вы найдете тысячи рецептов масок из авокадо. В авокадо содержится масса полезных жиров, которые помогают улучшить состояние кожи, неважно, принимаете ли вы авокадо внутрь или наносите непосредственно на кожу. Витамины и питательные вещества, содержащиеся в авокадо обновляют обезвоженную кожу и повышают ее эластичность. 
    • Яица. Вы можете использовать и желток, и белок для создания своих домашних масок. Яйцо помогает увлажнить кожу, белок сужает поры и делает кожу более упругой. Наносите яйцо на кожу, дайте ему подсохнуть и затем смойте водой и вы увидите результат. 
    • Йогурт. Молочные продукты помогают при определенных проблемах с кожей. Молочная кислота, содержащаяся в йогурте, помогает освежить кожу и устранить темные пятна и неровный тон. Йогурт также хорошо увлажняет кожу, что является дополнительным бонусом.
    • Оливковое масло. Оливковое масло прекрасно увлажняет кожу. Его можно смежать с сахарам или овсяными хлопьями и вы получите прекрасный скраб. Для лица выбирайте оливковое масло extra-virgin, поскольку именно такое масло подвергалось меньшей обработке. 
  • Skincare Tips for Your 50’s

    21 Апрель 2014

    In your 50’s, aging of your skin is inevitable. While you can’t backtrack to the supple skin of your 20’s, you can take extra good care of your current skin to look and feel your best. In this decade, visible signs of aging are prevalent, including age spots, dry skin and fine lines. Here are a few tips to take care of your skin in your 50’s.

    • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Your skin is at its driest point here, so using a heavy-duty moisturizer is key. In addition to proper skin products, you can stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eating fruits and vegetables.
    • Your skin has lost most of its elasticity by your 50’s, so you should add a product like Shinso Essence to your routine. This serum instantly rejuvenates and tightens your skin, while working on the deepest layers to boost collagen production. It helps to smooth and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles giving you a natural “botox look” without the surgery. With regular use, Shinso Essence will reveal the true you with firmer and smoother skin.
    • Any aggressive exfoliation routines or weekly peel appointments should be lessened. Your skin is so delicate at this age that any harsh activity could damage it.
    • Pigmentation and unevenness in skin tone are also common at this age. Find a gentle spot treatment that works to fade dark spots and leaves you with an even complexion. Wearing sunscreen with a high SPF daily is also crucial to preventing more sun spots/dark spots from showing up.
  • Skincare Tips for Your 40’s

    15 Апрель 2014

    After you’ve made it through your 20’s and 30’s, your skin starts to show more severe signs of aging. Here are a few tips to manage your skin in your 40’s.

    • After years in the sun, your skin tone could potentially be uneven or dull. Dark splotches and sunspots are very common but can be treated as well. First, make sure you are still applying a heavy sunscreen to prevent this problem for future years. Exfoliate skin with a gentle product, like Shinso Glow, to remove the dull, dead skin and rejuvenate the skin. The gel will immediately react to the dead skin cells on the skin’s surface.
    • Wrinkles are another large issue for women in their 40’s. Products that are said to boost collagen production are key, since this gives skin a youthful appearance. Shinso Essence works to tighten the skin to boost collagen production. It also helps to reduce and smooth the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, making it a healthier alternative to Botox.
    • Keeping skin hydrated is also hugely important. Apply a moisturizer daily and use rejuvenating facial masks weekly if needed as well.
    • If acne still plagues you in your 40’s (which is actually fairly common), you should work to treat it. Use a concentrated spot treatment just on the specific problem areas.
  • How to Layer Skincare Products

    14 Апрель 2014

    Count the number of products included in your daily skincare routine. Chances are it’s more than one, so you will need to layer them on one on top of the other. Which product should be applied first? Should you wait for one to completely dry before adding another? Here are some tips for how to layer skincare products.

    A general rule of thumb is to start by applying the lightest product first and then gradually layer on the heavier ones. For example, this would mean applying a light, daily moisturizer first and then following up with a thicker sunscreen next. Water-based products are best to be applied first and then should be followed up with oil-based products (such as a face oil).

    If you use toner, that ideally should go on first. Toners work to remove all irritants on your skin, so it’s essentially this happens before caking on more layers of product and makeup. After a toner, any medicated products should be applied, such as acne spot treatment. These treatments usually have to work into the skin, so you will need to take time to let them dry on the skin.

    Serums and moisturizers go on next. To avoid using too much product, only apply what is needed in small dots. Remember- you can always put more on later. SPF is the last step before your makeup (if you choose to wear any) since it’s so thick.


  • Skincare Tips for Your 30’s

    08 Апрель 2014

    After you’ve taken care of your skin in your 20’s, your 30’s become more important. Fine lines and subtle wrinkles start to pop up during this decade, so your skincare routine should become more intensive. Here are a few tips to help you improve your skin in your 30’s.

    • Dark circles from less sleep and stressful days can make your eyes appear older and sickly looking, and who wants that? For dark circles, choose products with vitamin C, soy, kojic acid, which will brighten up the area. For puffiness around your eyes, look for products that contain caffeine. Apply an eye cream nightly for best results.
    • Dullness in your skin may become a problem in your 30’s, so it’s important to continually use sunscreen to prevent this from getting worse. Look for products that contain peptides, whichs help to brighten skin, restore your skin’s elasticity and can reduce fine lines.
    • If you notice brown spots or skin discoloration, begin a more drastic exfoliating routine.
    • Add Shinso Essence product to your skincare regimen to help even the tone and texture of your skin. Always apply at AM and PM.