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  • Are You an OTC Skincare Junkie?

    28 Январь 2015

    If you find yourself doing one of the following, you may be an over-the-counter (OTC) skincare junkie.

    • You end up spending $100 on skincare products each drip to the drugstore.
    • At said drugstore, you go in to pick up a prescription and end up with 3 new cleansers.
    • You’ve exceeded your reward points due to all of the face creams you’ve bought.

    The good news it that you can rid yourself of this habit of purchasing endless new items and overspending. One way to do this is to not base everything on looks. Oftentimes you are lured by the pretty packaging or sale prices at your local drugstore. If each trip (once a week) you purchase a new product (at $10 average), you are spending $520 a year on random skincare items. Instead of falling for these visual factors, realize that they are simply a marketing tactic and to resist the temptation.

    Another way to avoid becoming an OTC skincare junkie is to do your research. Instead of aimlessly buying a product, you should spend some time reading reviews online to see if the product fits your skincare needs. Check multiple sites, as sometimes opinions can be biased or skewed.

    You can also utilize samples (look for coupons in your favorite magazine or the company’s website) to see if you like the product prior to spending a lot of money on it. This is crucial for high-end products, since you won’t want to waste a pretty penny on something you may not like.

    Higher-end skincare that cannot be found at the drugstore is generally made with higher-quality and safer ingredients. hence the price point. That $520 you spend on random skincare products that rarely work can instead be used for a yearly supply of a luxurious serum or specialized product.